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A different deal on infrastructure takes shape
Jun 11, 2021

A different deal on infrastructure takes shape

With the main talks on fixing infrastructure at an impasse, a side group of 10 Democrats and Republicans in the Senate say they've come up with a deal, although details are scant and it's unclear if others key players will embrace this. Plus, among the things that have gotten more expensive over the past year and last several months: food away from home. We look at the rise in restaurant prices. And, decisions from the G-7 summit on getting more vaccine doses to the countries that need them.

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We're paying more for restaurant meals

Jun 11, 2021
Restaurant prices are up 4% compared to May of last year.
Restaurant prices are rising because of higher commodity prices and higher wages for employees. Businesses are passing those costs along to consumers.
Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images

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