A copper gold rush courtesy of the energy transition
Apr 29, 2024

A copper gold rush courtesy of the energy transition

Copper is used in wind turbines and solar panels, meaning it plays a big role in meeting clean energy goals.

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The Fed's next moves

The Federal Reserve has its foot on the brake pedal of the U.S. economy — meaning interest rates are high and staying high, trying to slow things down to get inflation down to where the Fed wants it. Unfortunately over the past few months, inflation has been highly uncooperative. What’s a central bank to do?

The fallout from a strong dollar

Apr 29, 2024
U.S. exports become more expensive overseas, but imported goods become cheaper here in the U.S.
A stronger dollar makes  imported goods cheaper, meaning American consumers can buy more stuff.
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Copper will play a major part in meeting clean energy goals, as it's used in wind turbines and solar panels.
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