A conversation about reparations and discovering family histories
Jul 4, 2024

A conversation about reparations and discovering family histories

Today, Marketplace's Lee Hawkins speaks with Lotte Lieb Dula, founder of Reparations 4 Slavery, a site that helps facilitate racial healing.

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When confronting your family history means making slavery reparations

Jul 4, 2024
After Lotte Lieb Dula discovered her family connection to slavery, she crafted an online guide to reparations and racial healing.
Above, signs at a 2002 rally in support of reparations for slavery. Decades later, some progress has been made in implementing reparations in states and localities.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Mexican President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum's next steps on energy could make waves in the U.S.

Jul 4, 2024
Whether Sheinbaum follows her predecessor’s lead or strikes a new path could have significant implications for the U.S., particularly for Texas.
Mexico's president-elect Claudia Sheinbaum on June 24.
Lennin Domínguez/ObturadorMX/Getty Images

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