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A collective shrug from economists on recession odds
Apr 24, 2023

A collective shrug from economists on recession odds

A new survey out from the National Association for Business Economics that polled over 50 economists shows a collective "maybe" on whether respondents thought a recession will appear later this year. We chat with NABE president Julia Coronado about what the survey can tell us about the wider economy. Plus, we look at new power plant emissions guidelines to be proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency. And, senior economics contributor Chris Farrell talks about the health insurance inequality trends between people with and without college degrees. 

Segments From this episode

A survey of 55 economists asks, "Will there be a recession?"

NABE president Julia Coronado explains what surveyed economists said about the odds of a recession.

How employer-sponsored health insurance can widen economic inequality

Marketplace's senior economics contributor breaks down the impact of employer-sponsored health insurance on college educated and non-college educated workers.
A recent study looks at the role of employer-sponsored health insurance in exacerbating inequality in the job market.
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