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12/20/2017: Tackling sexism in the workplace

We spend alot of time a work. What's the best way to navigate relationships in the workplace? Oli Scarff/Getty Images

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(U.S. Edition) After a procedural snafu, House Republicans will have to vote on the $1.5 trillion tax bill again. But Senate Republicans are already celebrating after their vote. On today’s show, we’ll discuss what this new tax system will mean for big banks. Afterwards, we’ll look at how a business article from almost a quarter century ago can inform workplace culture. Kathleen Reardon, a USC professor, wrote a piece for the Harvard Business Review called “The Memo Every Woman Keeps in Her Desk,” which explores how women should address the issue of sexism at the office. 

Segments From this episode

Should we think about sexual harassment as a spectrum?

by David Brancaccio and Katie Long Dec 20, 2017
One professor has developed six categories of offensive behavior and misconduct.

Drawing the line between offensive behavior and sexual misconduct

by David Brancaccio Dec 20, 2017
How to grade bad behavior at work.

Corporate tax overhaul could mean a big windfall for banks

by Dan Gorenstein Dec 20, 2017
The Republican $1.5 trillion tax bill has been delayed because of procedural challenges from the Democrats. But when it does finally go through, one of the big winners will be banks. That’s because most of their business is here in the U.S., so they often pay higher taxes than other industries. A corporate tax rate […]

City workers in D.C. have two months to complete sexual harassment training

by Aaron Schrank Dec 20, 2017
As prominent men across media, entertainment and politics face a flood sexual harassment allegations, Washington, D.C., is committing to addressing the problem. No, not Congress, but the District of Columbia. Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser signed an order mandating that all 30,000 city employees complete sexual harassment training by February. Click the audio player above to […]

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