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12/19/2017: How enough recess at school could make better employees

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(U.S. Edition) As Congress gears up to pass the GOP tax overhaul this week, we’ll analyze some of the potential drawbacks. Key components of the bill could end up leading to decreased home ownership among younger households and reduce the incentive for companies to subsidize their employees’ commuting expenses. Plus: We look at how recess — yes, that 10-20 minute or so break kids have at school — might help children develop the skills it takes to succeed on the job market. 

Segments From this episode

Commuters would lose an employee perk under the tax plan

by Erika Beras Dec 19, 2017
Republicans on their way to the first big victory of the Trump administration keep talking about how many winners there are under their negotiated tax bill.  But the likely losers? Commuters, who have their parking, transit or bicycling subsidized by their companies. The new tax plan eliminates the incentive for private employers to continue offering […]

How recess can make students better job candidates

by David Brancaccio Dec 19, 2017
Giving students short breaks each day can do a lot.

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is a cultural and economic phenomenon

by Lucia Benavides Dec 19, 2017
The Spanish Christmas Lottery, one of the biggest draws in the world, has a payout of over 2 billion euros and a participation rate of 75 percent.

Tax changes could have big effect on housing

by Mitchell Hartman Dec 19, 2017
The tax advantages of home ownership would likely be available to wealthier taxpayers, and high tax regions would take the biggest hit.

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