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05/29/2017: Helping veteran employees stay on board

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Frustrating air travel isn’t just an American problem — this weekend, British Airways had to cancel and postpone hundreds of flights due to a massive computer failure. The BBC’s Andrew Walker joins us to talk about what this’ll cost the company, both financially and in terms of its relationship with customers. Next, we’ll discuss the Common App’s decision to create a new form aimed at being more transfer student-friendly, and then look at the challenges associated with retaining veteran employees. 

Segments From this episode

For military veterans, finding a job is one thing — staying in it is another

by Aaron Schrank May 29, 2017
US companies have done a good job of hiring vets. But the work needs to be meaningful.

The Common Application gets an update

by Amy Scott May 29, 2017
The application used by thousands of high school students to apply to colleges is going to get a new version, one that tailors to a large but under-recognized portion of the student population. The Common Application will roll out an updated transfer version next year that tailors to students such as parents with children who […]

Baby boomers begin mandatory retirement account withdrawals. Are they ready?

by Adam Allington May 29, 2017
Seventy and a half. That is the magic age that starts mandatory withdrawals from 401(k)s and other tax-deferred retirement accounts. The oldest members of the baby boom generation start hitting that age this year, and the milestone is expected to have significant implications for the financial services industry. Click the audio player above to hear […]

Chipotle's data breach affects customers nationwide

by Marketplace Contributor May 29, 2017
The stolen data can be used to clone credit cards.
Mid-day Update

05/29/2017: McDonald's goes mobile

by Kimberly Adams May 29, 2017
After dealing with a series of E.coli outbreaks more than a year ago, Chipotle now has another controversy on its hands. Hackers have stolen customer payment data from most of its stores. We'll chat with experts about what the incident could do to brand loyalty, and what potentially affected customers should do to protect themselves. Afterwards, we'll discuss how mandatory 401(k) withdrawals will affect the financial services industry, and then look at McDonald's decision to roll out a new mobile app to make ordering easier.

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