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05/19/2017: Corruption in the West

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President Trump is traveling to Saudi Arabia today, a trip that’ll include a number of American CEOs. The reason they’re tagging along: there are deals to be made. On today’s show, we’ll take a look at the state of trade between the Gulf kingdom and the U.S. Afterwards, we’ll explore the meal-kit war between startups like Blue Apron and major supermarkets like Kroger. Plus: Author Laurence Cockcroft explains rising corruption in the West and how the Trump administration is trying to roll back rules aimed at combating the issue.

Segments From this episode

That whole Panama Papers scandal? The U.S. also needs to take a look at itself

by David Brancaccio and Janet Nguyen May 19, 2017
Similar tactics to hide money are taking place in states like Delaware.

Trade is center stage as President Trump heads to Saudi Arabia

by Nancy Marshall-Genzer May 19, 2017
President Trump travels to Saudi Arabia today, the first stop on his first foreign trip as president. A number of American CEOs are also tagging along because, it turns out, there are deals to be done in Saudi Arabia. Click the audio player above to hear the full story.  

Stadium chefs hope new food combos will hit home with fans. Brontosaurus Rib, anyone?

by Peggy Lowe May 19, 2017
They expect more publicity than sales of toasted grasshoppers or a patty melt on a funnel cake bun.

Grocery stores hungrily eye the $1.5 billion prepared-meal kits market

by Dan Gorenstein May 19, 2017
Prepared meal kits have grown into a huge market, now worth an estimated $1.5 billion. It’s been driven by startups, like Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, HelloFresh … the list goes on. But major supermarkets like Kroger and Publix are now muscling in and testing their own versions. Click the audio player above to hear the […]
Mid-day Update

05/19/2017: The U.S. could approve a $300 billion arms deal for Saudi Arabia

by David Brancaccio May 19, 2017
Stocks and bonds have echoed the turbulence in Washington this week. We'll chat with FTN Financial's chief economist, Christopher Low, about why markets took a dip and progress on the GOP's health care bill. Afterwards, we'll examine how Trump's trip to Saudi Arabia could lead to the approval of up to $300 billion in arms sales.

Why airlines might eventually see the laptop ban as an opportunity

by Marielle Segarra May 19, 2017
They could try to win the loyalty of business customers.

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