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03/17/17: What may be the most interesting Trump meeting yet

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Later today, President Donald Trump will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel — two leaders who have sharp differences on important issues involve business. We’ll look at the messages Merkel will try to send during her visit, and how business/political leaders in Germany perceive Trump. Afterwards, we’ll explore new report from the International Energy Agency that says global CO2 emissions have stayed flat for the third year in a row. And finally, we’ll look at the connection between a movie’s presale numbers and its box office success. 

Segments From this episode

Federal grants for low-income students are cut in 'skinny budget'

by Amy Scott Mar 16, 2017
The Trump administration, in its “skinny budget,” has proposed cutting $9 billion, or about 13 percent, of the education budget. That includes more than a billion dollars for after-school enrichment programs for kids in high-poverty schools.  Click the audio player above to hear the full story. 

How will Merkel approach her meeting with Trump?

by Mark Garrison Mar 17, 2017
The German chancellor will likely have a lot weighing on her mind as she meets POTUS for the first time.

Rural hospital in Georgia faces financial difficulties

by Marketplace Contributor Mar 17, 2017
Irwin County Hospital is one of many in the country that are struggling to keep their doors open.

Will ‘Beauty’ be a blockbuster?

by Adriene Hill Mar 17, 2017
Disney’s new, live-action movie, “Beauty and the Beast,” opens this weekend. The movie has set a record for advanced ticket sales for a family film. And it could be one of the top March openings ever.  Click the audio player above to hear the full story.

Market forces help stabilize CO2 emissions for third year

by Kimberly Adams Mar 17, 2017
The plateau in emissions comes amid global economic growth.
Mid-day Update

03/17/17: What federal budget cuts could mean for America's school system

by Mark Garrison Mar 17, 2017
Trump's new budget blueprint for the upcoming year includes a $9 billion reduction in the federal education budget. We'll look at how the cuts will affect after-school programming and teacher training. Afterwards, we'll look at what's on the agenda at today's meeting between the world's finance leaders, and then discuss the difficulties happening for rural hospitals across the country.

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