Nov 6, 2009

Marketplace Money for Weekend of November 7-8, 2009

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Segments From this episode

New GI Bill victim of its own popularity

Nov 6, 2009
A new GI Bill took effect this summer. In commemoration of Veterans Day this coming week, Tess Vigeland takes a look at the new bill, the thousands of people who are affected by it, and the backlog it has created.
Veterans display their medals.
Greg Wood/Staff

What to do with your credit cards

Nov 6, 2009
Ken Lin, CEO of, talks about how to handle your credit cards, especially now that companies are hiking interest rates, cutting credit lines and imposing new fees.
A credit card is swiped through machine at a Chicago toy store.
Tim Boyle / Getty Images

Talking money back at her old school

Nov 6, 2009
Tess Vigeland pays a visit to her old high school just outside Portland, Ore., to learn how teachers are now instructing students about money, and why more schools don't provide financial education.
Oregon's West Linn High School.
Tess Vigeland

Finding intimacy in finances

Nov 6, 2009
Most couples hate to face questions about money. But Jacquette Timmons, author of the book "Financial Intimacy," says sharing money woes can actually be romantic.

Learn about money at home

Nov 6, 2009
David Dominguez, a high school senior, says that while kids shouldn't skip out on the "Life Skills" courses at school, learning about money really should start at home.

Mass. may opt to pay flat doctors' fees

Nov 6, 2009
Most U.S. doctors get paid for each test or procedure they perform. But Massachusetts is considering becoming the first state to pay a flat fee for each patient doctors see. Joel Rose reports.

Dad, daughter reflect on money lessons

Nov 6, 2009
Curtis Larson and his daughter Erin Anderson look back at the way he let the kids in the family take responsibility for their own money, even if they made mistakes.

Getting Personal

Nov 6, 2009
Business columnist Sheryl Harris of the Cleveland Plain Dealer helps Tess Vigeland tackle your money questions -- from what should be done with old financial documents to how a college student should handle a billing mix up.
Getting Personal