Sep 4, 2009

Marketplace Money for September 5-6, 2009

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Segments From this episode

Please ignore the optimism machine

Sep 4, 2009
Experts say the worst of the economic crisis is over, and things are starting to pick up. But Economics Editor Chris Farrrell says don't be too quick to buy into the hype.

Getting Personal

Sep 4, 2009
This week on Getting Personal, Host Tess Vigeland and Economics Editor Chris Farrell weigh in on how to handle your money when pursuing a degree.

JetBlue's all-you-can-fly flights

Sep 4, 2009
If you want to travel, but are worried about the cost of flights, JetBlue is selling passes that allow you to travel as much as you can in 30 days. But how is the airline making money off the deal?…

How folks are making do with less

Sep 4, 2009
The threat of losing your job isn't the only tough part of living in a recession. Salary cuts are also taking place left and right. Monica Brady-Myerov reports on how people are getting by with less money.

Cul-de-sac syndrome hits the U.S.

Sep 4, 2009
Host Tess Vigeland talks to author John Wasik about his new book "The Cul-De-Sac Syndrome," and why the desire for home ownership isn't always a good thing.

Preparing your financial emergency kit

Sep 4, 2009
We've all been told to scrimp and save for retirement. But what happens when a hurricane or fire takes your home? Tess Vigeland talks to experts about what the devastating Southern California fires can teach you.

Sesame Street takes on financial crisis

Sep 4, 2009
Sesame Street has been known to take on adult subject matter in the past. Well, now the popular public television program is exploring the recession -- with kids.

Labor Day without a job is no holiday

Sep 4, 2009
Workers relish the benefits that come with a full-time job, like paid holidays off. But for Commentator Peter Basch, Labor Day is just a sad reminder.

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