Jun 20, 2008

Marketplace Money for June 21-22, 2008


Marketplace Money for June 21-22, 2008

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The math at the pump

Jun 20, 2008
As oil prices continue on their rollercoaster ride, we keep feeling the sting at the gas station. Host Tess Vigeland asks energy expert Severin Borenstein to explain how the price of oil relates to the price at the pump.
A gas price display is changed at a Chevron gasoline to display a record high.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Homeowners hope for an answer

Jun 20, 2008
The government established the Hope Now program to help ease the housing crisis, but some homeowners have been left hoping someone will answer their call. Jill Barshay reports.

Straight Story: The regulators

Jun 20, 2008
Arrests and indictments from the subprime mess are in the news, but how did regulators allow things to get so bad? Economics editor Chris Farrell sets the story straight on this week's government crackdown.

Crow River hedges its bets

Jun 20, 2008
Host Tess Vigeland returns to the Crow River Investment Club in St. Michael, Minn., where "diversification" is the buzzword for surviving the shaky economy.
Members of the Crow River Investment Club in St. Michael, Minnesota.
Tess Vigeland

Restarting the Social Security clock

Jun 20, 2008
Did you know that if you borrow from your Social Security early and pay it back later, the government will call things even? Bob Moon reports on an option that almost sounds too good to be true.

Day in the Work Life: Cowboy

Jun 20, 2008
On this week's "A Day in the Work Life," we head out on the range with a cowboy.

Planning for death: Funeral director

Jun 20, 2008
We present another take on the tough business of planning for the end. This week, we hear from funeral director Justin Zabor of the Zabor Funeral Home in Cleveland.

Creating a living trust

Jun 20, 2008
Kiplinger's John Ventura returns to bring us up to speed on living trusts. Host Tess Vigeland asks how a trust is different than a will and what you need to do to establish one.
John Ventura, author of "Kiplinger's Estate Planning."
University of Houston

Summer School: LIBOR

Jun 20, 2008
We're taking you back to the basics with our summer refresher course on finance terms. Today, a foreign figure that means a lot here at home. Learn about the LIBOR.

Getting Personal

Jun 20, 2008
In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about buying a house with cash, consolidating student loans, taking on new credit card debt and transfering a Roth IRA.

Letters from our listeners

Jun 20, 2008
Host Tess Vigeland reads listener comments on a few of our recent stories. This week: A kinder way to deal with a snake, a happy couple where the wife earns more and a movie theater run by the airlines.

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