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We are focusing on the American Dream over the next few weeks. At its core, it symbolizes mobility. Getting a college degree. Securing a good paying job. Buying a home and saving for life after work. This weekend, we look at retirement. How we save. How we live and spend after we retire. And what are your investment options at any age? This week, a guide to your golden years.

11 personal finance basics brought to you by 'The Golden Girls'

"The Golden Girls" didn't just make us laugh; they also taught us a lot about personal finance.
Posted In: Personal Finance

Mr. Money Mustache: An inspiration for wannabe retirees

The blog 'Mr. Money Mustache' is about the experience of one man who saved enough to retire at age 30. And he says you can do it, too.
Posted In: Retirement, retirement planning, retirement savings plans

A guide to U.S. retirement accounts

Understanding and navigating through the different retirement plans out there can be confusing, so here's an explainer of your options.
Posted In: Retirement, retirement savings plans, retirement planning

Shared housing: A look at real-life 'Golden Girls'

"Golden Girls" may have ended, but the housing model in the TV sitcom -- of elderly women living together -- is gaining popularity.
Posted In: retirement planning, Retirement, golden girls, elderly

How psychology interferes with retirement saving

Most people know to save for retirement. But what do you do with your money after you retire?
Posted In: Retirement, Social Security

Advice and tips on saving for retirement at any age

Whether you're in your 20s, 30s, 40s, of 50-plus, most everyone has to save for retirement. A personal finance expert offers some advice.
Posted In: Retirement, retirement savings plans

Navigating your retirement future

When we talk about retirement, it's not just how much you save, but how you save it. But the different types of retirement accounts can be confusing to navigate.
Posted In: Retirement, defined benefit plans, defined contribution plans

What to do with your mortgage when you retire

Traditional wisdom says you should pay off your mortgage before you retire, but sometimes that's not the best choice.
Posted In: mortgage, Retirement

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