Marketplace Money for Friday, October 25, 2013

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This week: Money Secrets. Shhh…. Secret bank accounts.  Hidden credit cards.  Hard to find investments.  Fifteen percent of Americans—with merged finances—admit to having a financial account their partners don’t know about.  We talk with two listeners who have squirreled away money.  Also, a conversation with Carmen Wong Ulrich, the new Marketplace Money host.  She talks about why we keep secrets and also answers listeners questions.  Plus,  your brain on money.  Poverty, wealth, and decisions:  Surprising new research about the mind’s financial eye.

Money secrets: Should you keep a secret bank account?

What should we talk about when we talk about hiding money in a relationship.
Posted In: Personal Finance, secrets, relationships

How secure is personal finance software?

Different services can be a big help in keeping a budget, but are they worth putting all your information at risk?
Posted In: Personal Finance, software, apps, big data

How poverty changes the way we make decisions

Just being poor can impair a person's cognitive functions.
Posted In: poverty, Personal Finance, bad decisions

Colleges admissions are moving away from standardized tests

Colleges are changing the admissions formula. Goodbye SATs?
Posted In: college admissions, standardized tests, Education

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