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Who's afraid of the fiscal cliff? Well, everyone in Washington seems to be afraid of making a decision! We explore how the fiscal cliff might affect military spending and children living in poverty. Plus, did you buy a Powerball ticket this week? We talk with one lottery winner about what winning really gets you. And a look at co-working... with kids.

Diving off the fiscal cliff? Bring it on.

Most of the chatter we've heard about the fiscal cliff focuses on the deal or no deal deadlock strangling Capitol Hill. So what if, in the end, there is no deal? Commentator Megan McArdle says that might be a good thing.
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How the fiscal cliff may affect child poverty

Much of the buzz about the fiscal cliff has been about how it will affect the wealthy and middle class. But how might it impact children living if poverty if a deal isn't reached?
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Defense education, training programs at stake if no fiscal deal reached

If a deal isn't reached on the fiscal cliff, the Defense Department faces half-a-trillion dollars worth of cuts across the board. So why can't lawmakers come to an agreement?
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If you won the lottery...

It's nice to dream about winning the lottery, but if you got lucky and came into a big windfall of cash, would you know how to prepare your personal finances in a responsible way?
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Child care that works for working parents

Mothers who have cut back on work to spend time raising children find themselves with few affordable options when they look for child care that fits their schedule. A new business in Austin, Texas, is trying to fill the void.
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Letters: How can my kid build credit history the responsible way?

Personal finance columnist Liz Weston answers listeners' questions about creating credit history, paying off student loans early, the pros and cons of annuities and realizing the dream of living a debt-free life.
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