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Marketplace Money for Friday, November 2, 2012

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With Election Day fast approaching, we’re looking at the financial issues that might impact who you’re going to vote for — from Social Security to retirement, Medicare to food stamps. Plus, in the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, we take a look at how disasters can pull communities together and offer some advice on how you can protect yourself from scams.

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Weather Economy

How people behave after a crisis like Hurricane Sandy

by Tess Vigeland Nov 2, 2012
Professor Dan Ariely discusses why there's an altruistic feeling following a crisis and what happens when everyone is going after a few limited resources.

Opinion: Why I'm voting for Mitt Romney

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 2, 2012
Comedy writer Brian Donovan on why he's voting for Mitt Romney.

Opinion: Why I'm voting for Barack Obama

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 2, 2012
Comedian Andy Kindler on why he's voting to reelect President Barack Obama.

Redefining 'senior living' in Phoenix

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 2, 2012
More seniors in the Phoenix area are looking at spending their golden years in the city -- and developers are responding.

Social Security: It's too complicated

by Chris Farrell Nov 2, 2012
More than 20 percent of the U.S. national budget is spent on Social Security, so of course politicians like to promise to reform it. Commentator Chris Farrell says unfortunately both candidates' plans are way too complicated.

Risky business: Tapping retirement funds for other uses

by Tess Vigeland Nov 2, 2012
Increasingly, retirement funds are being used for anything but retirement. But there are huge risks involved with raiding your retirement to start a business or for private equity investments.

Retirement -- election no-show

by Helaine Olen Nov 2, 2012
Commentator Helaine Olen says neither President Obama nor Mitt Romeny acknowledge coming 'retirement crisis.'

Medicare's unexpected beneficiaries

by David Gura Nov 2, 2012
The government medical program for the elderly means seniors and their families have more money to spend on other things.

How the stigma of food stamps plays into the election

by Marketplace Contributor Nov 2, 2012
Politicians keep bringing up the food stamps program this election season -- how does that affect the people who actually use them?

Defending yourself against fraud after a disaster

by Tess Vigeland Nov 2, 2012
Disasters leave people vulnerable to more than just damage on their homes. After hurricanes and other crises, fraudsters hit the streets -- and the Internet -- to try to cheat people out of their money. How can you protect yourself?

The shrinking middle class, the shrinking American Dream

by Tess Vigeland Nov 2, 2012
Why are so many people in the middle class struggling right now? Author Hedrick Smith discusses the events that hurt the middle class and what can be done to help it.

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