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Marketplace Money for Friday, June 22, 2012

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What does peace of mind cost you? That’s what we’re asking this weekend. Safety and security — of your money, your reputation and your person. We’ve got some tips from the LAPD and other security experts. But, not all safety threats are easy to spot. And yes — your social network can put you at risk. Plus, we’ll also ask whether the foreclosure crisis is making people sick. Losing your home can make you lose your lunch.

Segments From this episode

Latest public health problem: Foreclosures

by David Brancaccio Jun 22, 2012
The stress of foreclosure is causing ill health for some.

The high cost of personal safety

by Tess Vigeland Jun 22, 2012
The cost of keeping yourself safe varies depending on what you feel is necessary to secure yourself and your property. Host Tess Vigeland learning about owning, and firing, a gun.

Rebuttal: Obesity is not a choice

by Marketplace Contributor Jun 22, 2012
LA Times columnist David Lazarus argues that government should intervene to curb obesity, because citizens cannot protect themselves from the deluge of advertising from the food and beverage industry.

The cost of foreclosure

by Stacey Vanek Smith Jun 22, 2012
How much does it cost to go through the foreclosure process?

Who is selling and buying your information online?

by Tess Vigeland Jun 22, 2012
An online security expert tells us what companies are doing about the safety of your personal data online.
European Debt Crisis

Greek economic crisis... Part XXIII

by Tess Vigeland Jun 22, 2012
What effect is the eurozone crisis cycle having on the rest of the world?
Piggy Bank Award

Piggy for Greece

by Tess Vigeland Jun 22, 2012
A thank you gift to the people of Athens for not taking the world economy this past week... phew.

Emergency fund 101

by Tess Vigeland and Paddy Hirsch Jun 22, 2012
Emergency fund advocate Jill Schlesinger joins host Tess Vigeland and Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch to discuss the foundation of financial security.

Your own private army

by Tess Vigeland Jun 22, 2012
Private security expert Chris Simovich discusses the costs of hiring your own "posse."

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