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Marketplace Money for Friday, July 6, 2012

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Go on vacation, get sick, get a make-up vacation? Only in Europe, folks, where the high court says vacations are for fun, not fevers. But who’s gonna pay for it all? And, homelessness. It’s a chain reaction. We’ll hear from three people surviving the streets of San Francisco. Plus, when “sightseeing” takes on a whole new meaning.

Segments From this episode

Europeans get vacation 'do-over'

by Stephen Beard Jul 6, 2012
In Europe, high courts have upheld workers' right to reclaim vacation days marred by illness or injury.

In Germany, holidays are 'uber alles'

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 6, 2012
German's seem to be the responsible, hard working sibling in the European Union, but they know when to relax.

Should you run from risk?

by Chris Farrell Jul 6, 2012
Even in times of financial insecurity, Americans shouldn't avoid risk altogether.
Ask Money

Letters: Solving problems with the plastic

by Sarah Gardner Jul 6, 2012
Credit cards can make you feel like anything's possible -- until you get the bill.

Chasing the 8 percent return

by Marketplace Contributor Jul 6, 2012
Eight percent is considered the "magic" return rate, but in today's economy, trying to hit that number may be dangerous.

Finding a first job not easy for new nurses

by Annie Baxter Jul 6, 2012
There's been talk of a nurse shortage for years, but why are many nursing grads still struggling to find a job?

The downward spiral: Homeless in San Francisco

by Julia Scott Jul 6, 2012
In the city by the bay, homeless citizens share how easy it is to lose the roof over your head.

Sight-feeling: Travel for the disabled

by Sarah Gardner Jul 6, 2012
An owner of a travel agency for the blind shares his experiences traveling around the world.

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