Marketplace Money for Friday, July 12, 2013

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For the next few weeks, we're devoting Marketplace Money to the basics, concepts like banking, investing, saving and credit. This week, we're devoting the show to money, how we interact with it, and what the future of money looks like. The next time you hold a dollar in your hand, consider this: money is just paper. It only has value because we all believe it does. But where does this collective faith in money's worth come from? Also, a look at how money is portrayed in pop culture. Plus, we explore the best ways to save, spend and invest your money. And forget the Washingtons and Benjamins. Dump the credit cards. These days, Bitcoin and mobile phones pay for stuff. How are new currencies changing our behavior? Finally, a visit to the future spenders of money: children, and a few personal finance experts suggest their favorite finance-related books for your summer reading list. 

Money mysteries solved

Explaining some terms, phrases and concepts about money you might hear everyday, but not fully understand.
Posted In: money mysteries, explainer, FDIC, piggy banks

The world of alternative currencies

Are we moving towards leaving our cash and credit cards at home?
Posted In: Money, mobile payments, mobile wallet

Teaching high school students how to save

A group of high school students spends a day navigating the complicated financial decisions of adulthood.
Posted In: Kids and money, kids and investing, youth

Money: The myth we all believe in

Those pieces of paper we call cash only have value because we all believe they do. So, why does our collective faith in money actually work?
Posted In: Money, dollar bill, psychology

How technology can change the way we interact with cash

As technology evolves and makes it easier for consumers to use their phones to pay for things, will it change our behavior as well?
Posted In: Money, smartphones, technology

Personal Finance 101

Answering your questions on personal finance and helping you understand the basics of what you need to know about money and banking.
Posted In: personal finance basics, reader questions

A few picks for your summer reading list

Personal finance experts recommend books to dive into this summer.
Posted In: favorite books, Books, Summer Reading Book Series

The middle class through the Hollywood lens

Movies and television have sometimes reflected and sometimes shaped our ideas of how the American middle class lives.
Posted In: hollywood, film, Entertainment, middle class

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