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A new year provides the perfect opportunity to give our personal finances a fresh start. What do you resolve to change in 2013? We have tips for keeping those money resolutions. If you're looking for lessons on money, perhaps you should turn to "Hamlet." We look at the connection between Shakespeare and finance. Plus, stories on getting money for your unredeemed gift cards, how to control the behavior of your party guests, what you can learn financially from pawn shops, and the high costs of attending college bowl games.

Advice on getting your finances in order before the New Year

The end of the year is a great time for a financial tune-up. Here are some smart money moves you can make to ensure a good New Year.
Posted In: advice, financial advice, tips

What Shakespeare can teach us about money

A unique course at Duke University blends economics and English literature, asking students to explore financial decisions through the works of William Shakespeare.
Posted In: Shakespeare

The high costs of attending big college bowl games

From travel to organized festivities, lodging to food, and oh yeah, the tickets -- attending a college bowl game costs a pretty penny.
Posted In: college sports, BCS Championship, college football

Homeowners question association fees

An estimated one-fifth of Americans pay fees to homeowners associations, or HOAs. Many of them wonder if they're getting their money's worth.
Posted In: homeownership, HOAs, homeownership associations, Housing

The key to controlling your party guests: Food

Planning to attend a New Year's Eve party? That got commentator Scott Huler thinking about the economic principles of party planning.
Posted In: party, Food

Pawn shop smarts

There are countless resources for those of us who want to be better money managers. But comedian and commentator Tim Bedore says the pawn shop is also a good place to go to learn some important lessons about personal finance.
Posted In: pawn shop, Personal Finance

Missouri residents cash in on unused gift cards

In Missouri the law requires retailers to turn over proceeds to the state if a gift card remains unused for more than five years. The Missouri state treasurer says his office has millions to return to consumers.
Posted In: missouri, gift cards

Letters: Does checking your credit score affect your credit score?

Can you monitor your credit report frequently without it damaging your credit score? Does removing a secondary user from a credit card affect your credit rating? Personal finance guru Liz Weston answers listeners' questions about money.
Posted In: Personal Finance, letters

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