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Marketplace Money for Friday, Dec. 9, 2011

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L.A. Times columnist Tom Petruno has been writing about the economy for more than 30 years. He shares what he’s learned about economic cycles, human nature and investing. And with Christmas around the corner, we offer tips on how to explain to kids why Santa didn’t get them everything on their wish lists. There is a cheap, but significant gift you can give your child: a digital trust fund. Domain names, social media and e-mail accounts. And when’s the last time you visited a bank branch? More branches are closing down, but some communities are fighting to get them back. Plus, an Irish family discusses what it’s like to experience more belt-tightening.

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Banks are part of the solution

by Jesse Torres Dec 9, 2011
Banks' reputations have taken a beating since the financial crisis. But one bank CEO says the banking industry can help turn the economy around -- just not all by itself.
Ask Money

Getting Personal: Financial liabilities of powers of attorney, fund a house or a retirement?

by Marketplace Staff Dec 9, 2011
Tess Vigeland and Kathy Kristoff of Kiplinger's magazine answer listeners' personal finance questions.

Piggy Bank Award: An homage, in oils

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
One fan expressed her love for our show, and hopefulness about the economic future, in a painting.

Building a digital legacy for your children

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
One father discusses why he bought a digital trust fund for his newborn daughter.

The economy, then and now

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
Long-time L.A. Times financial columnist Tom Petruno shares what he has learned about economics and personal finance in his 30-plus years covering the markets.

Austere living in Ireland

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
Ireland has been in an economic decline since before 2008 and is gearing up for a second round of austerity cuts. We talk to an Irish family about how they're coping in the slumping economy.

Are brick-and-mortar bank branches still necessary?

by Dan Bobkoff Dec 9, 2011
With more people banking online, banks are closing branches. But some community leaders say banks that provide face-to-face interactions are still important.

This week: The Postal Service, the CFPB (non) confirmation

by David Gura Dec 9, 2011
We talk to one of our Washington reporters about what happened in the news this week.

How to explain Santa's budget to your kids

by Tess Vigeland Dec 9, 2011
Learn tips on how to explain to children why they didn't get everything on their wish lists.

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