Apr 24, 2009

Marketplace Money for April 25-26, 2009

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Segments From this episode

Credit card gripes on the street

Apr 24, 2009
Almost everyone has a kind of love/hate relationship with their credit cards. Reporter Eve Troeh hit the streets at lunchtime to talk to some people about how their current relationship with credit cards is faring.

Complaints may finally pay off

Apr 24, 2009
Consumer groups have been fielding complaints about credit card companies for a while now, but legislation may be right around the corner. Linda Sherry of Consumer Action talks about the biggest gripes she has heard over the years.

Is a credit card bill of rights nigh?

Apr 24, 2009
President Obama recently held meetings with execs from credit card companies in an effort to finally pass a consumer bill of rights. John Dimsdale reports.

Straight Story

Apr 24, 2009
Bob Moon talks to economics editor Chris Farrell about how Americans can improve their financial literacy and learn the differences between saving and investing.

Fast cash ads on the rise

Apr 24, 2009
TV and Internet ads promising fast cash for almost no work have been around forever. They also seem to be on the rise as the economy is on the decline. Are they scams or legitimate? Sean Cole reports.

Grads flock to Teach for America

Apr 24, 2009
With the job market not looking so hot for recent college grads, applications for positions with Teach for America are sky high this year. Sally Herships reports.

Getting Personal

Apr 24, 2009
Economics editor Chris Farrell answers listeners' pressing questions about using student loans to pay down credit card debt, how private loans work and what it means for a consumer when a bank goes under.

Do ethical credit cards exist?

Apr 24, 2009
Credit card companies don't exactly have a reputation for engaging in ethical business practices. Some are trying to change this negative connotation with incentives. Megan Williams reports from Rome.

Job searching in Youngstown, Ohio

Apr 24, 2009
Some areas of the country are being hit particulary hard by the economic downturn. Reporter Amy Scott visited a job fair in Youngstown, Ohio, once a thriving steel town now with a double-digit unemployment rate.

Store your personal info in a 'cloud'

Apr 24, 2009
Internet-based "clouds" allow you to store personal data online, so you can access it anywhere. But is this new method safe? Declan McCullagh of CNET attended a conference on the subject and explains the pros and cons.

Air travel's a steal

Apr 24, 2009
Airlines are cutting their fares for both domestic and foreign travel. Travel columnist Tom Parsons gives his advice on how to save even more money on airfare.

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