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We need to think about the unvaccinated differently
Jul 26, 2021
Episode 482

We need to think about the unvaccinated differently

Is it like drunk driving? Is it like being scammed? Today we'll talk about vaccines, "social death" and the path forward.

There are limits to personal freedom and responsibility — it runs out when you put others at risk. You can’t drive drunk, for example. But are people who aren’t vaccinated for COVID-19 as brazen as a drunk driver? Or are they victims, scammed by bad information? Sociology professor Brooke Harrington has a great thread trying to reconcile all this, and we’re going to unpack it a bit on today’s show. Plus: Olympics highs and lows, the Frito-Lay strike and a sneak peek of tomorrow’s bananapants episode.

Here’s everything we talked about today:

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