The COVID-19 economy: our new daily podcast
Mar 19, 2020
Episode 155

The COVID-19 economy: our new daily podcast

The economy is changing at a rapid rate. We’ll help you make sense of it all — in a 10-minute daily podcast.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly changes our economy, it’s harder than ever to keep up with the news. So we’re introducing a new daily show that breaks down — in the space of 10 minutes — what happened each day and what it all means.

You can still expect a deeper dive into a single topic every Tuesday.

As always, “Make Me Smart” only works when we’re all getting smarter together. Send us what you want to know about what’s happening now to to, or fill out the form below. 

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The team

Marissa Cabrera Senior Producer
Bridget Bodnar Senior Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer