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Resignations at the Fed
Sep 27, 2021
Episode 526

Resignations at the Fed

It just doesn't look good. Plus, a Make Me Smile moment brought to you by a listener.

You know it’s a big deal when people retire early from jobs where people never retire early. Two Federal Reserve presidents stepped down after making controversial trades in the financial markets the Fed was actively trying to stabilize in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll discuss why the resignations matter. Plus, a few other stories you might’ve missed over the weekend, including one about dentists fighting a plan to add dental coverage to Medicare. And a Make Me Smile moment from a fellow listener.

Here’s everything we talked about today: 

“Dallas Fed President Kaplan to retire early on Oct. 8, citing trading disclosure ‘distraction'” from CNBC 

“Beijing Claims Victory Over Huawei Executive’s Return”  from The Wall Street Journal

“Fuel pumps run dry in British cities, sowing supply chain chaos” from Reuters

“Dentists’ Group Fights Plan to Cover Dental Benefits Under Medicare” from The Wall Street Journal 

“A day-by-day guide to Congress’s high-stakes budget week” from The Washington Post

“R. Kelly is convicted on all counts after decades of accusations of abuse” from The New York Times

“Simone Biles is excited for highly anticipated Gold Over America Tour” from CNN

Read the transcript here.

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