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Can Twitter end a presidency?
Jan 8, 2021
Episode 345

Can Twitter end a presidency?

Twitter has fueled Trump's presidency. After a historic week, the site finally banned him.

We were planning to come back anyway, honestly. After pro-Trump insurrectionists broke into the Capitol, egged on by the president, we decided to cut short our holiday break. Then about five minutes before today’s taping, Twitter announced it was banning Donald Trump from his preferred platform. This whole week was a collision of the things we’ve talked about for years: disinformation radicalizing social media users, the offline consequences of online behavior, the peril of private companies acting as a check on a norm-shredding president. It’s been a huge week, and on today’s show, you’ll hear our raw reaction to it.

By the way, here’s the Twitter thread Kai mentioned today.

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