Episode 321
Nov 13, 2020

Half full or half empty?

We're trying out a new game today. But first: Nancy Pelosi's leadership, Charles Koch's new self-reflection and why Elon Musk is "a boob."

We’re trying out a new game on the show today, where Kai Ryssdal and Molly Wood say whether they’re “half full” or “half empty” on a bunch of stuff in the news. It’s our first try at this, so let us know what you think! Before that, we’ll talk about Nancy Pelosi’s leadership, Charles Koch’s new self-reflection and why Elon Musk is “a boob.” TGIF!

Here’s a list of everything we talked about today:

And the topics we talked about in our new game, “half full or half empty”:

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The team

Molly Wood Host
Jody Becker Interim Senior Producer
Tony Wagner Digital Producer
Sam Anderson Associate Producer