Mar 13, 2017

8: The singer and the supercomputer

Singer-songwriter Marian Call on what it's like to inadvertently launch a global hashtag and work with IBM's Watson supercomputer

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The debt limit, South by Southwest and other recurring disruptions on this week’s Make Me Smart. Also singer-songwriter Marian Call debuts a snippet of a new song about our changing relationship to work. 

In August of last year, Call, who lives in Juneau, Alaska wanted to write about our changing relationship to work. Marian Call sent out a quick tweet to her followers, and then went to bed.

When she woke up, her tweet had gone viral. Buzz Aldrin, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sheryl Sandberg and so many others all shared their first seven jobs.  Kai Ryssdal talked to her about the phenomenon on Marketplace, and Call mentioned that she needed a way to crunch the data.   After the interview aired, she got a call from a social product manager at IBM, who put the Watson supercomputer on the case

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