Episode 58
Apr 12, 2018

So … you wanna talk about Facebook?

'Cause we do. There's so much to unpack, we paid the baggage fee for an extra episode this week.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s loooong testimony on Capitol Hill is over, and we have so many thoughts we added an episode to hash them out. So we’re back, asking big questions: What problem do lawmakers think they need to solve? Is that even the most pressing problem? And do they know enough about Facebook to tell the difference? Plus, now that he’s back in Menlo Park, does Zuckerberg get what a big deal this is? And should he have walked up to address lawmakers to “Enter Sandman” or “Here Comes the Hotstepper”?

This isn’t just Kai and Molly’s stream of consciousness, by the way. We called up Terrell McSweeny at the Federal Trade Commission to give the view from her front-row seat as a data and privacy regulator.

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