Burning Questions: Where Should I Live?
Jun 26, 2024
Season 5 | Episode 1

Burning Questions: Where Should I Live?

Tips and tricks for evaluating climate risk.

How We Survive” listener Anna wants to know: “Where should I live? Every now and then I look at maps and try to determine the safest place to live, but I don’t even know where to start when it comes to evaluating climate risks.”

In this episode of “Burning Questions,” Amy talks with Marketplace climate reporter Samantha Fields about the practical tools buyers and renters can use to figure out where the heck it’s safe to live as the climate crisis unfolds.

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The team

Amy Scott Host
Caitlin Esch Senior Producer
Hayley Hershman Producer
Savannah Maher Reporter
Sophia Paliza-Carre Producer
Courtney Bergsieker Associate Producer
Lina Fansa Fellow
Jasmine Romero Editor
Chris Julin Scoring & Sound Design