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How Condé Nast became an entertainment company
Dec 13, 2017

How Condé Nast became an entertainment company

Dawn Ostroff is President of Condé Nast Entertainment and she's charged with getting the publisher to think beyond magazines.

Dawn Ostroff’s last job was running The CW, which was then a newly launched network aimed at young people. A little over five years ago, she left Hollywood to join Condé Nast, the magazine publisher behind such titles as Vogue and Vanity Fair. As president of Condé Nast Entertainment, Ostroff was charged with figuring out how to turn published magazine articles into films and television shows and more than that, to figure out ways to turn Condé Nast from a print company into a digital media company too. She talks to host Kai Ryssdal about how she keeps up with all the reading, whether there’s a digital content bubble (and should we be worried), and how she got Condé Nast editors to trust her. 

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