Wim Stocks
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CEO and General Manager, World Gaming

Wim Stocks has been a respected leader in online, interactive, and electronic entertainment since 1990. He currently serves as the CEO and general manager of World Gaming, previously known as Virgin Gaming, where he spearheads online and live eSports strategies, initiatives and programming. He was first recruited by its predecessor, Virgin, to help launch the company and platform.

Prior to World Gaming, Wim was executive vice president of the “new” Atari Inc., leading and managing one of the most broad-reaching interactive entertainment publishing networks in the world. He also started an entrepreneurial games publishing business named Elephant Entertainment, for which he successfully negotiated its purchase by publisher THQ. 

In mid-2014, Wim assumed the role CEO and advisor for an innovative new ‘live’ gaming platform, theater, and technology company named ESC, in partnership with the interactive design firm ESI and the theatrical and concert production company PRG, both of which are headquartered in NYC. 

A Few Highlights:

Serves as COO of the IEGC Board (the Olympics of eSports governing body formed by the British Parliament) and as Advisor to the Special Olympics International. Trustee and on the Board of Directors of the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and previously on the board of the Minneapolis Institute of the Arts. Served the Allina/Abbott Northwestern Hospital and the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute.

Let’s Do the Numbers!

Prime Numbers – the larger the better. The indivisibility of each is fascinating.   Googolplex – Before it inspired a search engine company name, it was one of the largest numbers in the universe (but not the largest!). Pi – One of the cruelest (and best) jokes in nature that ever was. 

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