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Advertising on the Grammys 'second screen'

Last year 28 million people watched the Grammys on TV. But more and more, some of the action and the ads will be happening on the so-called second screen.
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President Obama isn't allowed to get a new iPhone for Christmas

President Obama revealed this week that he isn't allowed to have an iPhone. The Secret Service makes him stick to a BlackBerry.
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Instagram: A place to share photos (and guns) with your friends

Has Instagram really become a hot spot for gun sales?
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'Bing it on'? Not so fast...

Microsoft's claim that users prefer its search engine Bing over Google is dubious.
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Happy birthday, Google!

If Google were a person, it could get a learner's permit to sit behind the wheel of one of its driverless cars.
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Google announces new biotech company that will study human aging

The tech giant aims to study the biology behind the process of aging.
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Advocates say new, online programs offered by prestigious universities will revolutionize higher education both in cyberspace and traditional classrooms.

First there were MOOCs, now come the SPOCs

Small Private Online Courses could change the way brick and mortar classrooms use digital teaching materials.
Posted In: moocs, higher education, online education, college

Google's new search knows too much about you

What are you doing tomorrow? Google already knows.
Posted In: Google, Internet search, big data

Gmail's new inbox sorts spam and bacon

Google changed its popular free email service Gmail last week. Where once there was one true inbox, now there seems to be three.
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For tech companies, what's in a

A new crop of tech startups are taking on wacky names that leave customers wondering what it is they do.
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