Tim Bedore is a father and stand-up comedian based in Minneapolis.


Features by Tim Bedore

Pawn shop smarts

There are countless resources for those of us who want to be better money managers. But comedian and commentator Tim Bedore says the pawn shop is also a good place to go to learn some important lessons about personal finance.
Posted In: pawn shop, Personal Finance

Resisting the iPhone, at all costs

Commentator Tim Bedore's 14-year-old daughter is lobbying ferociously for an iPhone.
Posted In: iPhone, family finances, technology

How's about a do-over on all that debt?

Comedian Tim Bedore likes the concept of debt forgiveness. And he has some ideas about how to make us swallow it.
Posted In: debt forgiveness

When your budget follows your heart

Sifting through the life of belongings of a parent or sibling or friend can bring up a lot of emotions. And those emotions often trump the practical, financial choices you should make.
Posted In: Junk

Taking a true vacation

Comedian Tim Bedore talks about how his definition of "vacation" has changed since the recession.
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