Teresa Amabile is a professor at Harvard Business School and co-author of "The Progress Principle."


Features by Teresa Amabile

Who's responsible for your happiness at work?

Is it your boss or co-workers? Commentator Teresa Ambile weighs in.
Posted In: Work, workplace, bosses, coworkers

Respecting employees can boost bottom line

Commentator Teresa Amabile says overbearing supervisors can sap worker creativity.
Posted In: Work, employees, employers, working conditions

Does high stress trigger creativity at work?

Commentator Teresa Amabile says don't count on it.
Posted In: stress, workers, working

The price of happiness in the workplace

Commentator Teresa Amabile on the misconceived correlation between paychecks and joy.
Posted In: paycheck, happiness, raise, amabile, bonuses

Are 'The Best Places to Work' really the best?

Perks are nice, but they're not what really motivates employees to do their best.
Posted In: employee benefits
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