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Wrigley field renovation: Will big billboards make bad neighbors?

As Chicago's Wrigley Field looks to renovate, part of the Cubs' plan includes blocking the view of the game from neighbors across the street.
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Groups buy up underwater mortgages, keep families in house

The national foreclosure rate increased by more than 3 percent in October compared to the previous month. Some groups across the country are trying to change that by buying underwater mortgages and keeping families in their homes.
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Chicago's speed cameras: Safety tool or cash cow?

The Chicago City Council may allow allow speed cameras around the city, with fines as much as $100. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says it'll improve safety for kids. Others call it a cash grab.
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CME Group threatens to leave Chicago

Now that the Illinois House has overwhelmingly voted down tax breaks to keep the CME Group in Chicago, the ball is in CME’s court. Can the CME really leave the city? At what cost?
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High-profile Chicago development turning condos into apartments

Waterview Tower was supposed to be the fifth tallest building in Chicago. For three years, it's remained an unfinished shell -- a 25-story monument to the recession. Now it'll be turned into rental units.
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Business tax increase could push Sears out of Illinois

Because of Illinois' business tax increase, Sears has become the latest company to threaten to leave the state. The increase has backfired big time on the governor, who's scrambling to make deals to keep major companies from leaving the state.
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