Stephen Dubner

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Freakonomics: Fetal genetic testing raises big questions

Aug 23, 2011
Freakonomics correspondent Stephen Dubner explains the unexpected consequences of predetermining your baby's genetics.

Freakonomics: Why are we so bad at predicting the future?

Aug 9, 2011
People make a lot of money making predictions, so why are they so rarely right? Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about accountability in fortune telling.

Freakonomics: How does a company bounce back after controversy?

Jul 12, 2011
Bad things happen in business. So how do firms bounce back and keep reputations intact?

Freakonomics: When it's good to quit

Jun 28, 2011
Society often considers quitting as failure, but Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner argues we should think more about the upsides to giving up.

Freakonomics: Why bounty hunters catch more fugitives than police officers

May 17, 2011
Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses the difference between bounty hunters and police officers that really matters when it comes to catching fugitives.

Freakonomics: Saving the environment, or just showing off?

Apr 19, 2011
Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks about the idea of "conspicuous conservation," where people indulge in certain earth-saving acts as a way to show off that they care about the environment, and in turn, benefit socially.

Freakonomics: Better education through improved eyesight

Apr 5, 2011
How researchers raised test scores in rural China with the help of new specs for every kid in need.

Freakonomics: Tackling the looming NFL lockout

Feb 22, 2011
A potential lockout is on the horizon as the current collective bargaining agreement between the NFL and the players' union soon expires. Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner talks with Kai Ryssdal about how profitable the NFL is and the problem some owners have with the league's business model.