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Stephen Beard

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Anger lingers after London bombings

Jul 7, 2006
Ceremonies in Britain today commemorated those who died in last year's subway and bus bombings. But beneath the grief is growing anger over the amount of government support provided to the injured and bereaved. Stephen Beard reports.

Legal immigration boom stressing UK

Jul 7, 2006
The British government has been accused of dramatically underestimating the scale of immigration into the UK as an influx of workers from Eastern Europe puts pressure on housing and public services. Stephen Beard reports.

Tube security in London mostly unchanged

Jul 7, 2006
In the year since the London bombings, the British government has been trying to improve security for the city's extensive subway system. That's proven difficult, mainly due to impractical logistics reports Stephen Beard.

London bombing one year ago

Jul 5, 2006
Friday is the first anniversary of the London bombings that killed 56 people. The British government has repeatedly rejected calls for an investigation into the atrocity. Stephen Beard tells us why.

New investment giant in Europe?

Jul 4, 2006
Europe could be on the brink of a new wave of takeover activity. Investment firm Permira has just raised the continent's largest-ever private equity fund. Stephen Beard fills us in.

Execs bail out amid Airbus turbulence

Jul 3, 2006
Two top executives at EADS, the European firm that builds Airbus, have resigned after the company announced costly delays for the super-jumbo A380 jet and a brewing stock option scandal. Stephen Beard reports.

Airbus execs quit

Jul 3, 2006
Two top executives at European aircraft maker Airbus and its parent company have quit, forced out of office two weeks after announcing delays in the company's new super jumbo jet A380. Stephen Beard reports.

ASDA sidesteps strike

Jun 30, 2006
A British supermarket owned by Wal-Mart has avoided a strike planned to coincide with England playing in the World Cup tomorrow. Analysts say it's the kind of deal Wal-Mart would never do in the US. Stephen Beard reports.

BP in trouble for price fixing

Jun 29, 2006
US regulators have filed a lawsuit against British oil giant BP. They're charging it with manipulating the price of propane, saying it artificially drove up the cost of heating and cooking oil for millions of Americans. Stephen Beard reports.

More details on BP price fixing

Jun 29, 2006
What's in store for the British oil company? Host Scott Jagow talks with Marketplace European correspondent Stephen Beard about this and other scandals plaguing BP.