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Fast-tracking doctors to lessen student loans

A new trend aims to get students through medical school in 3 years instead 4.
Posted In: health care, doctors, medical school

Bars step up to head off sexual assaults

Some bars around the country are training staff in preventing rape and harassment.
Posted In: sexual assault, bars, Savannah, boston
Tourists listen to a tour guide in the rotunda of the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.

Does the First Amendment apply to tour guides?

Tour guides in popular vacation spots say that requiring them to take tests and obtain licenses violates their free-speech rights.
Posted In: first amendment, tourism, Georgia

At some Wal-Marts, health care in your shopping cart

Wal-Mart is opening its own health clinics at some stores in the rural South.
Posted In: Wal-Mart, nurses, South

At in-store clinics, $4 checkups for Wal-Mart workers

The company hopes the clinics will help save money on employee health care.
Posted In: Walmart, health care

Teaching theology... for profit?

A for-profit college based in Georgia offers theology degrees to would-be pastors.
Posted In: for-profit colleges, Education, theology, religion
Delbert Bland of Bland Farms in southeast Georgia says many of his Vidalia onions are ready for harvest.

Why farmers can't wait to pick Vidalia onions

Vidalia onion grower challenges a Georgia state rule that sets April 21 as the earliest date farmers can pack onions for sale.
Posted In: Agriculture, onions

Some colleges waitlist students who can't afford tuition

George Washington University is changing how it describes its admissions policy - and admitting it does wait-list some students in part because of inability to pay tuition.
Posted In: college admissions, George Washington University, SAT, college rankings

The end of Kodak moments?

Kodak is emerging from bankruptcy – with a new focus on commercial printing.
Posted In: kodak, photography, printing

Apple's 'plastic iPhone' goes after Samsung customers

Apple is about to unveil a music service and two new phones - including a cheaper model - as it fights for market share against Samsung phones like the Galaxy.
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