Rico Gagliano is a radio reporter, producer and host. Along with Brendan Newman, he’s heard on Marketplace’s bi-monthly “Small Talk” segment, asking the show’s staff and reporters what odd and under-the-radar news stories they’ll be talking about at dinner parties over the weekend. Gagliano also co-created and co-hosts American Public Media's popular radio show and podcast The Dinner Party Download, for which he’s interviewed guests including Spike Lee, Venus Williams and Sir Richard Branson. Gagliano filed his first freelance story with Marketplace in 2001 and his pieces also appeared on The Savvy Traveler and All Things Considered. He joined Marketplace full-time in 2004, spending several years as an international field reporter filing stories from England, Ireland, Sweden, The Netherlands, South Korea and India. He also wrote, performed and produced most of Marketplace’s “Marketplace Players” comedy sketches. Prior to joining Marketplace, Gagliano was a television writer serving as a staff writer on shows for ABC, MTV and Fox Family, as well as his sketch comedy troupe “The Ministry of Unknown Science” which shot two pilots for Spike TV and the Sci-Fi Network. Gagliano’s writing has appeared in The Pittsburgh Post-GazetteL.A. Weekly, and The Village Voice among others. In 2009, Rico interviewed Mary Chapin of folk trio The Chapin Sisters for KPCC-FM’s program “Offramp.” That episode went on to win the “Best Public Affairs Show” award from both the L.A. Press Club and the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California. Gagliano is a magna cum laude and golden key honors society graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where he received his bachelor’s degree in film studies. He also received his master’s degree in screenwriting from the American Film Institute. A native of Pittsburgh, Pa., Gagliano currently resides in Los Angeles where he is an amateur photographer and guitar player.

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Cases galvanize libel reform movement

Some libel cases in the U.K. have generated lots of controversy, and reactions that have sprung up as a result could have international impact. Rico Gagliano reports.
Posted In: Crime

The surreal life of a celeb doppelganger

Ever been told that you look like a certain celebrity? For some people, being a celebrity lookalike is actually a job. But Rico Gagliano reports it can be tough when your work depends on a famous stranger's career.

Madonna may team with Macy's for line

Madonna is reportedly in talks to license her name for a fashion line to be sold at Macy's. Rico Gagliano reports she's one of the biggest in a long line of celebrities to dive into the fashion world.
Posted In: Retail

Small talk: Roses, McItaly, annoyances

Marketplace's Brendan Newnam and Rico Gagliano chat with fellow staffers Rod Abid, George Judson, and Stacey Vanek-Smith about under-the-radar stories: Cocaine bouquets, the McItaly, and what most annoys people at work.

Will Toyota's TV apology ad help?

With all of its recall issues, Toyota has a lot of explaining to do. But before that, the company is doing some apologizing in the form of a TV ad. Rico Gagliano looks into the history of corporate mea culpas to see how Toyota's stacks up.

What else can airlines charge us for?

American Airlines has announced that economy-class passengers on its domestic flights will have to pay $8 for a blanket and pillow. Our Marketplace Players wonder what's next.
Posted In: Airlines, Spirit Airlines

Kia ad spotlights another product

Any Super Bowl broadcast is as much about the commercials as the game. One Super Bowl ad, for the car manufacturer Kia, stood out. Rico Gagliano explains.

How Facebook can make more money

Analysts estimate Facebook earned $500 million in 2009. But with 175 million registered users logging on every day, the site can generate much more revenue. Rico Gagliano reports what the social networker might try to turn a bigger profit.
Posted In: Internet

Small Talk

Brendan Newnam, Rico Gagliano and select members of the Marketplace staff look at the less-than-major news of the week.

Crib safety standards could be law

The Consumer Product Safety Commission will meet with consumer advocates today to move towards turning standards for crib safety from a voluntary practice to law. Rico Gagliano reports.
Posted In: Crime, Retail


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