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Phoebe Unterman joined Marketplace in 2016 as a digital production assistant and now works as an assistant producer.

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There may be more empty seats at college football games than official numbers report

Aug 31, 2018
That’s what data obtained by the Wall Street Journal’s senior sports reporter Rachel Bachman shows. According to numbers of ticket scans from the 2017 season, only 71 percent of the people reported in official attendance numbers actually showed up to…

What's missing in Hollywood movie posters? Often, women's heads.

Aug 27, 2018
Comedian Marcia Belsky documents the trope in her blog The Headless Women of Hollywood.
One of the many movie posters featured on Marcia Belsky's blog, Headless Women of Hollywood.

Tariffs come for fleece, send Jo-Ann CEO to Washington

Aug 23, 2018
The arts and crafts retailer is enlisting customers on its listserv to petition the taxes on Chinese products.
President Donald Trump pushes in the chair for Jill Soltau, CEO of Jo-Ann Stores, as he arrives to meet with retail industry leaders in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in 2017.
SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
Actor Rob Lowe tweeted that “the film business passed away today with the announcement of the 'popular' film Oscar. It had been in poor health for a number of years. It is survived by sequels, tent-poles, and vertical integration.”
Alex Gallardo - Pool/Getty Images

The new Tesla will be the largest connected device you own

Aug 7, 2018
What does that mean? Data collection, privacy settings and software updates ... for a car.
The day Tesla announced it was rolling out its new Model 3, Tesla stock had its best day since November 2015.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Navigating Instagram's algorithm as @idealblackfemale

Aug 6, 2018
How hate speech censorship policies and content moderation appear to an artist creating on the platform.
Mandy Harris Williams says she's found a great home for her art on Instagram.
Maritza Lerman Yoes

Americans do want tariff relief

Aug 3, 2018
Manufacturers and farmers we talked to are frustrated by the import taxes and the exemption process.
A worker is surrounded by sparks from molten steel flowing into casts at the TAMCO steel mini mill in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in 2002.
David McNew/Getty Images

"These folks are caught in a trap" by tariffs, U.S. representative says

Aug 2, 2018
Jackie Walorski from Indiana's 2nd District led an analysis of the tariff exemption process.
Rep. Jackie Walorski, a Republican from Indiana, says she's had many conversations with Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, “and they've been eyeball to eyeball.”
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Why a comment on a tariff exemption application could make or break business

Jul 31, 2018
As the Department of Commerce continues to grant and reject steel tariff exemption applications, we check back in with Sam Desai in South Plainfield, New Jersey, whose company makes parts for appliances. He shares his frustration with how objection comments…

Tariff exemption granted but confusion continues

Jul 27, 2018
There’s a lot of tariff talk swirling around these days, but let’s remember what began this trade war: President Donald Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs. Since those tariffs were announced in March, companies have filed more than 28,000 requests for…