Features by P. Kim Bui

A catalog of strange market turns

A look at the weird things and people that have caused markets to crash.
Posted In: stock market, market volatility, history

Infographic: The consumer economy at a glance

Before we answer the question of whether we can afford the consumer economy, we have to know how much we're spending.
Posted In: infographic, consumer spending

Where were your clothes made? (Map)

A map of where our Twitter followers said their clothes were made.
Posted In: clothing, Bangladesh, Fair trade

How Netflix prepared for the release of 'Arrested Development'

Don't worry, engineers at Netflix made sure you got all the awkward jokes you wanted this weekend.
Posted In: netflix, Arrested Development, streaming

Obama's numbers, and our numbers, for Guantanamo Bay

President Barack Obama reeled out some numbers about Gitmo today. We reel out some more.
Posted In: Guantanamo Bay, Barack Obama, prisons

Meet the Twitter account of the 15,500-page Keystone XL report

It appears anyone can get a Twitter account these days, even a massive government document.
Posted In: Keystone XL, Keystone pipeline, Twitter, social media

Dove's viral video hit becomes most watched ad -- ever

Dove says the video has been watched over 114 million times.
Posted In: Dove, viral marketing, viral, video

Bing allows you to 'mugh' (aka translate) into Klingon

Just in case you want to write an email to your Klingon relative about the new Star Trek movie, Bing's there for you.
Posted In: klingon, star trek, movies

Sallie Mae just wanted to celebrate its birthday. Instead, it infuriated Twitter

Why is Sallie Mae trending on Twitter? The story of a birthday mishap.
Posted In: student debt, student loans, sallie mae
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