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Co-executive editors of Re/code Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher speak at conference about Vox Media's purchase of the media site.

After purchase, Re/code gets Vox's secret weapon

The media company's Chorus publishing system was made for the digital age.
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In Texas floods, homeowners count the cost

Insurance will cover some people. Others couldn't afford the premiums.
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In Chicago, pedestrians walk by a furniture store, where sales can help indicate broader economic trends.

Here's why we care about durable goods

Think of it as an optimism indicator.
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How the Disney 'ecosystem' works

Disney thrives on an almost self-sustaining business model.
Posted In: disney, theme parks, merchandise

If students default, should colleges pay up?

A Senate committee is considering changes to college loan default rules.
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Anna Kendrick, the star of 'Pitch Perfect 2', arrives at movie's world premiere held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Friday, May 8, 2015, in Los Angeles.

'Pitch Perfect 2' leaves 'Mad Max' in the dust

The majority-female audience is responsible for the paradigm shift, analyst says.
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The publisher of "Clinton Cash," a book detailing how the Clintons earned their fortune, is now issuing corrections to some of the text's claims.

Do you know if your e-book's been updated?

The publisher of "Clinton Cash" revised several points in the e-book version
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It's a Mad Mad Men world for AMC

AMC wants to make the most of the end of "Mad Men."
Posted In: Mad Men, AMC, television, advertising

Who are AOL's two million dial-up users?

And what should Verizon do with them?
Posted In: Verizon, aol, Internet

Do presidential libraries really pay off for cities?

The Obama Presidential Library is expected to be an economic boon to its host city.


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