Nancy Marshall-Genzer

Senior Reporter


I report on the intersection of Washington and Wall Street, explaining how the decisions made here impact your wallet.

What was your first job?

I had a paper route. I used the money I made to buy a horse named Pokey. She totally lived up to her name, unless she was headed toward the barn around dinner time.

What do you think is the hardest part of your job that no one knows?

The scramble to get on air. I frequently work the early shift, filing for the “Marketplace Morning Report.” One morning last year, there was a fire drill a few minutes before I was supposed to go live. It stopped just in time!

In your next life, what would your career be?

A professor at Hogwarts.

What’s the favorite item in your workspace and why?

My kids' artwork. They inspire me to be creative.

Latest Stories from Nancy (1,425)

Risky home loans off the market

Feb 14, 2007
A major lender has announced it's going to stop making risky loans that help financially-stretched homebuyers pull together a down payment. That's likely to further weaken demand in the slumping housing market.

Stemming the Boomer retirement tide

Feb 12, 2007
One California professor says we need to invest in educating the children of immigrant workers, because they may be our best hope for replacing the wave of Baby Boomers about to leave the workforce.

Iraq funding faces uphill battle with Murtha

Feb 9, 2007
Top Army officers met up with a tough Bush administration critic on Capitol Hill today as they addressed the president's request for further Iraq war funding. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

High school dropouts cost taxpayers billions

Feb 8, 2007
Researchers at Columbia University say if we could cut the high school dropout rate in half, taxpayers would save $127,000 per new graduate.

Like an old habit . . .

Feb 8, 2007
After a decade of shying away from U.S. tobacco companies, it looks like Europe is ready to reinvest. Britain's Imperial Tobacco Group is set to buy American discount cigarette maker Commonwealth.

Price check on health care costs

Feb 7, 2007
The rising cost of health insurance is creating some strange bedfellows. Today, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott stood beside labor union representatives advocating approaches they could all live with. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Could friendly skies become a tollway?

Feb 5, 2007
CE0s who fly around in company jets might have to start paying special fees to use the FAA's air-traffic-control system. Commercial airlines say it's about time. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Congress focuses on middle-class squeeze

Jan 31, 2007
House and Senate hold three hearings on the issue. Democrats accuse Bush of not acknowledging economic forces that are dragging down the middle class. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Some agencies count more than others

Jan 30, 2007
Congress is hoping to finish accounting for the 2007 fiscal year by tomorrow. Those who once benefitted from the budget may now be feeling left out in the cold. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Waiting . . . and waiting . . . for disability pay

Jan 29, 2007
Because of a backlog at the Social Security Administration, hundreds of thousands of people are burning through savings as they wait to see if they qualify for disability benefits. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

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