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Jill Abramson

Will women CEOs still stand out in 2024?

Harvard Business School Professor says the pipeline is full of them.

Amazon is paying its employees to quit

Amazon takes a page out of the Zappos playbook and offers employees cash to quit their jobs.
Posted In: workplace culture, Amazon, zappos

Gettysburg Address: A powerful lesson for business leaders

President Lincoln gave one of his most famous speeches 150 years ago today. Harvard Business School's Nancy Koehn on why every CEO should have it memorized.
Posted In: abraham lincoln, Civil War

No more working at home for Hewlett-Packard employees?

First Yahoo. Now Hewlett-Packard is telling telecommuters to come back into the office.
Posted In: Yahoo, Hp, Hewlett-Packard, telecommuting, working from home, innovation, collaboration

Half of all meetings are unproductive. Is there a fix?

Oh, the dreaded office meeting. We have about four billion a year here in the U.S., but are they worth it?
Posted In: meeting, office, workplace, workplace culture

Outlet invasion: Upscale stores head downmarket

Traditionally upscale chains, like Saks and Nordstrom, now have the majority of their stores in outlet malls.
Posted In: outlet malls, Nordstrom, shopping

Dunkin' Donuts goes after the Starbucks formula

In the past, Dunkin' Donuts put out aggressive ads against coffee competitor Starbucks. Now, it's following its lead.
Posted In: Dunkin' Donuts, starbucks, coffee

The history of Black Friday

Historian Nancy Koehn describes the origins of Black Friday -- before it became known as a retail bonanza.
Posted In: Black Friday, history
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