Features by Meg Cramer

As easy as scanning a fingerprint

Back to the Future Part II promised biometrics. How close are we to having it?
Posted In: back to the future 2, Biometrics, home security

Technology can't make you fall asleep

... but it might help you sleep better.
Posted In: back to the future, sleep, future
Penguins dressed in Christmas tree costumes.

Silicon Tally: So many penguins

How well have you kept up with the week in tech news?
Posted In: penguin, quiz

Marketplace voicemail: Take a look, it's in a book

It's hard to have a conversation with LeVar Burton about Reading Rainbow without getting the show’s iconic theme song stuck in your head.
Posted In: LeVar Burton, Reading Rainbow

Building a better smartphone for blind users

A team of developers in Israel are set to debut a smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show with an interface designed for blind users.
Posted In: Consumer Electronics Show, blind, disabled, smartphone
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