Mark Garrison is a reporter and substitute host for Marketplace. Based in New York, Garrison joined Marketplace in 2012. He covers a variety of topics including economics, marketing, employment, banking, the military, media and culture. In 2014-2015, Garrison studied at Columbia Business School on a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship. During the 2012 campaign, he reported on money in politics as part of the Marketplace collaboration with PBS’s Frontline, which won the Investigative Reporters & Editors Award.

His previous public radio experience includes newscasting for NPR, The Takeaway and New York’s WNYC. He also reported from Germany for international broadcaster Deutsche Welle. Garrison’s career spans television, radio, online and print media, including national and international travel to cover breaking news on elections, trials and natural disasters. Among his previous employers are NBC, ABC and CNN. At CNN, he was senior editorial producer for Anderson Cooper 360°, part of the team that won Peabody, Emmy and duPont Awards.

Apart from the news business, Mark is most experienced in the restaurant world, as a cook, bartender, manager and server. That sometimes proves useful in his journalism. Besides Marketplace, his reports and commentaries on food and drink have appeared on NPR, History Channel, Cooking Channel, Slate, CBC, WNYC and KPCC. He has been nominated for a James Beard Foundation Award.

Garrison has a master’s degree from Columbia University and two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Georgia. A member of a military family who lived in many places growing up, Garrison now resides in Brooklyn with his wife. They enjoy culture, food and travel throughout America and abroad.


Features by Mark Garrison

They're a hot investment, but are ETFs safe?

The infrastructure behind these funds may not be keeping up with their growth.
Posted In: ETFs, Investing, markets; stocks; trading

Just how strong are those fundamentals?

Even though the markets are roiled, the U.S. economy is solid. Right?
Posted In: stock market, GDP, U.S. economy
A Tiffany & Co. windows design inspired by "The Great Gatsby" at the company's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. The battle for Chinese luxury buyers is fought on areas such as Fifth Avenue.

China's luxury buyers are an endangered species

Market turmoil could hit makers of high-end products particularly hard.
Posted In: China, luxury, financial markets
A recent New York Times article reported on Amazon's workplace conditions, which talked about the company's long working hours and competitive atmosphere.

Is Amazon alone?

Even the perks at technology companies reinforce long hours.
Posted In: benefits, work culture, long hours, Amazon

Concert industry headed for a record year

The top of the earnings list leans heavily on the back catalog.
Posted In: summer, concerts, revenue

Firms, organized labor wait for major ruling

The case is about employees working for subcontractors or franchisees.
Posted In: labor, NLRB, standards, corporations
Big Bird and other Sesame Street characters visit New York.

Sesame Street's new address at HBO

The educational children's show is set to air on the channel for the next five seasons.
Posted In: Sesame Street, HBO, television
Hopscotch co-founder and and Chief Technology Officer Samantha John (foreground) and Asha Gupta, head of product, at work on a technical question in the company’s New York offices.

Women, venture capital and bias

An experiment reveals obstacles female entrepreneurs face in finding investors.
Posted In: entrepreneurs, workplace diversity, start-ups

Quiz: How do consumers feel about luxury handbags?

High-end brands can't get a handle on post-recession sales.
Posted In: handbags, Coach, Michael Kors, kate spade, wealth
With its purchase of DirecTV, AT&T will offer a new TV and mobile phone service bundle.

AT&T's new bundle could shake things up

The company's first offering since acquiring DirectTV is getting a lot of attention from industry watchers.
Posted In: AT&T, directv, bundles, mobile phones


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