Mark Bittman has been an avid home cook since 1968, a journalist for nearly as long (longer if you count his high school yearbook), and a professional food writer since 1980.


Features by Mark Bittman

Worried about climate change? Eat less meat.

Commentator Mark Bittman says industrial meat production accounts for at least one-fifth of greenhouse gas emissions.
Posted In: meat, climate change

Sugar: Public (health) enemy No. 1?

Commentator Mark Bittman argues we should regulate sugar like we do cigarettes.
Posted In: sugar, Health

Are we still a land of 'meat and potatoes?'

Commentator Mark Bittman says for many, beef is no longer what's for dinner.
Posted In: meat, Food

What Now: The junk food diet

Millions of Americans make resolutions to change the way they eat. But, can we change the way food is marketed to us?
Posted In: obesity, junk food, children, What Now?

Junking junk food regulations

The Federal Trade Commission just announced new guidelines for food marketers. But do they have any teeth?
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