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Five tips for first-time credit card owners

From learning the lingo to paying on time, we've got some guidelines for avoiding common credit card pitfalls.
Posted In: Credit card, debt, tips

Your first credit card stories

Listeners tell us about their first credit cards.
Posted In: Credit Cards

How to use social media without losing your job

From using common sense to minding your p's and q's, eight tips for how to survive in the social media space as well as the workplace.
Posted In: social media, Twitter, Facebook, etiquette, workplace

The power of PIN: Become a Marketplace Money source

Join the Public Insight Network and help us put the "personal" in personal finance.
Posted In: Public Insight Network, source

Financial feuds: When personal finance gets (really) personal

For the past few weeks, we've been asking listeners in our Public Insight Network one question: What was your last fight over money about? Now, we want you to weigh in.
Posted In: Personal Finance, financial advice, game

How one family finally broke free from the debt cycle

Marketplace Money listener J. Larson explains how he and his wife managed to get out of debt, then in, then out again.
Posted In: debt, Credit card, Personal Finance

Tell us: What was your last fight over money about?

We want to know how finances have caused conflict in your life.
Posted In: Personal Finance, debt, survey

How bad is student loan debt in your state? (map)

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says the country now owes close to $1 trillion in student loan debts. But in some states, the problem is worse than others.
Posted In: student debt, federal student loans

Playlist: A soundtrack for digging yourself out of debt

From "The Payback" by James Brown to The Smiths' "I Don't Owe You Anything" to "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child, we've compiled a playlist of tunes all about borrowing and lending.
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