Lindsay Foster Thomas joined the staff of Marketplace as the associate producer/director of Marketplace Money in October 2012.  As the show's associate producer, she helped create show content, edit audio, direct the broadcast and worked closely with the program's host and production staff to make personal finance something listeners wanted to hear about while relaxing on the weekends.

In April 2014, Lindsay became associate producer for Marketplace's Wealth & Poverty Desk, exploring issues surrounding income inequality through on-air and online storytelling.

Before coming to Marketplace, she worked as managing editor of "The State of Things" hosted by Frank Stasio on North Carolina Public Radio (WUNC). While at WUNC, Lindsay's work earned awards from the Radio Televison News Directors Association (RTNDA) and the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ).  Lindsay has also worked at WVEE, WAOK and WRFG in her native Atlanta, Ga.  She has a masters in journalism from Columbia University in New York and she is a proud alumna of Hampton University, a historically black university situated along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia where she got her start in radio at WHOV, the campus station. Go Pirates!

Lindsay lives in downtown Los Angeles with a blonde, four-legged roommate named MacKenzie who never pays her half of the rent.  She loves to travel abroad, has an impressively large collection of Archie Comics and she is the past president of the RDU Karaoke Club based in Durham, NC. If you have a story idea, a question, a comment or an L.A. karaoke bar recommendation, feel free to send her a message at


Features by Lindsay Foster Thomas

York & Fig: A Look Back

Marketplace’s Wealth and Poverty team revisits Highland Park, one year later.
Posted In: los angeles, gentrification, highland park

York & Fig: A most interesting intersection

Why Marketplace set up a bureau in LA’s Highland Park.
Posted In: gentrification

How police presence in Ferguson shut down one business

The Swiish Bar and Grill seemed far away from the violence. It was and it wasn't.
Posted In: Ferguson, missouri, protests, St. Louis, Small Business, police

The emotional and economic toll on Ferguson, Missouri

Unrest surrounding the death of Michael Brown highlights an economic disparity.
Posted In: Ferguson

Of borders and businesses: moving forward in Murrieta

Have anti-immigration protests affected business in Murrieta, California?
Posted In: immigration reform, illegal immigration, Murrieta, protests

Six expert secrets to a successful Social Security strategy

Perfecting your Social Security strategy in six (pretty) easy steps.
Posted In: Social Security, benefits, personal finance basics
Team owner Donald Sterling

What if you found out your boss made racist remarks?

The NBA is investigating the legitimacy of a recording said to be of the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.
Posted In: NBA, Donald Sterling

It pays to be polite in-flight

Airfare Watchdog George Hobica tells us why it's worth being nice to flight attendants.
Posted In: airplane, airplane travel, Travel

How many stars? Affordable Care Act user reviews

The March 31 enrollment deadline to sign up for Affordable Care Act benefits is about two weeks away. And this is the big one. Get covered, or start paying a penalty.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health care

Why buy? Memories of a music consumer

Earlier this year, Billboard reported the first drop in digital music sales since the iTunes store made its debut in 2003. CD sales continued their steady decline and overall album sales experienced an 8.4% drop.
Posted In: Music, buying music, consumer, CD, mp3


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